Primary Care About to Collapse, Physicians Warn basic medical care when people visit their doctors for routine physicals and minor problems -- could fall apart in the United States without immediate reforms, says American College of Physicians. --Reuters (January 31 2006)

Half of Americans Struggle with Medical Bills, and 62 percent of them are insured, survey finds. More than a quarter of Americans "are faltering under the burden of health costs," and another quarter worry about their ability to pay routine medical bills. --USA Today (August 31 2005)

Health spending rises at blistering pace Government predicts $1 out of every $5 will go toward covering care costs. --USA Today (February 22 2006)

Rise in Health Care Spending Could Force More in Middle Class to Ranks of Uninsured Soaring costs meant that 83 percent of employers increased employee contributions last year --Washington Post (July 21 2005)

Shifting Costs and Risk to Individuals Is the Focus of the Bush Administration's Health Reform
Shifting costs away from the government is a "consistent theme" of the health reforms proposed by the Bush administration --CongressDaily, 2/10/06

Initiative by Large Employers to Offer Coverage to Uninsured Workers Falters
National Health Access a coalition of 60 of the nation's largest employers designed to cover more than one million working uninsured, has had a "rocky start" --Wall Street Journal, 2/8/06

Battle Brews Over Legislation in States That Requires Businesses to Subsidize Health Insurance Businesses are fighting back with lawsuits --Christian Science Monitor, 2/10/06

Almost Half of California Workers Will Lack Insurance by 2010 if Rates Continue to Climb Study finds that California is particularly hard hit by national trend --San Francisco Chronicle (June 2 2005)

Study Finds the Cost of Caring for the Uninsured Raises Everyone's Premiums Uninsured care adds $341 a year to average worker's premium costs --Associated Press (June 2005)

States and Businesses Battle over Who Is Responsible for Workers' Health Coverage States cannot afford coverage; businesses say they cannot solve national problem --NY Times (5/6/05)

Underinsurance Leads to Problems Paying Medical Bills for 2 Out of 5 Working Adults
High-deductible HSAs may worsen the problem --Washington Times (August 11 2005)

Covering Kids & Families
Launches with Study Showing Many Uninsured Kids Get No Care --Associated Press (August 2 2005)

Crisis in Kids' Coverage Grows—9 Million Have Gaps in Coverage, Adding to 9 Million Uninsured Kids with intermittent coverage are even more likely than uninsured kids to put off care --Associated Press (July 27 2005)

New Census Figures Show Number of Uninsured Increased in 2004, as Did Number Covered by Medicaid Increase to 45.8 million is largely due to loss of job-based coverage --USA Today (Aug. 31); The New York Times (Aug. 31 2005)

Uninsured Working Poor Often Turn to Free Clinics for Care
Profile of one of Virginia's 50 clinics --Washington Post (June 5 2005)

Health Plans Dwindle in U.S. : Number of firms offering insurance drops as costs rise --San Francisco Chronicle 9/15/05

Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums are Skyrocketing at Five Tmes the Rate of Inflation

Survey Shows Business Leaders Believe Employees Will Shoulder More of their Health Care Costs --The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (9/14/05)

Erosion of Job-Based Coverage to Leave Many More Children Relying on Public Programs --Los Angeles Times (September 23 2005)

High-Deductible Insurance Plans Become Increasingly Popular with Employers and Workers Up to half of large employers likely to offer the plans next year -- Los Angeles Times (5/23.05)

Health Insurance Costs No. 1 Problem Facing Small Companies:survey by National Federation of Independent Business --USA Today 7/17/05

As Costs Continue to Soar, Governors Keep Legislative Focus on Medicaid
--Washington Post (July 26 2005)

Health Care Costs to Companies Eat into Employee Raises One-quarter of companies to lower raises, and 75 percent to increase cost-sharing --Associated Press (July 18 2005)

Three-Fourths Of Emergency Department Physicians Say Number Of Uninsured Patients In ERs Is Growing May 13, 2004

OPINION: ER Doctor Reports on Challenges of Uninsured from the Frontline
Rising number of uninsured interferes with how well ER physicians can provide care --Augusta Chronicle (September 20 2005)

Wealthy Suburbs Not Immune to the Problem of the Uninsured
Low-income suburban residents face similar problems to urban uninsured
--Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 21 2005)

Growth in Medicaid Costs and Enrollment Prolong States' Fiscal Crisis, Despite Revenue Rebound State revenue increases of 4.7 percent are offset by 10 percent increases in Medicaid costs --New York Times (July 8 2005)

Two-Thirds of Uninsured Women Forego Needed Medical Care Due to Costs
Only 40 percent of uninsured women had a mammogram, compared to 75 percent of those with coverage --Star Tribune (Minneapolis) (July 8 2005)

Young Adults Are Fastest Growing Group of Uninsured Two-thirds of 19 to 23-year-olds are likely to lack coverage at some point over the next four years
--Bloomberg News (May 4 2005)

Study Shows One In Three Working Hispanics Have No Health Coverage, Suffer Health Gaps As A Result --Cover the Uninsured Week (May 10, 2004)

Study Shows Millions Of Working African Americans Have No Health Coverage, Suffer Health Gaps As A Result --Roll Call (July 25 2005)

Health Care Costs May Deter Entrepreneurs --USA Today (August 19 2005)