An American Nonprofit Health System

We are organizing a new American health care system which is genuinely nonprofit, transparent, democratic and humane.

Our regional, self-insuring, member-owned co-op plans benefit everyone. As they expand nationally:

* the uninsured gain financial relief and power.
* their preventive clinics reduce pain, suffering and cost
* doctors are freed to provide care
* medical centers are promptly paid
* taxpayers pay less for indigent care
* Medicaid payments are reduced
* federal costs for universal coverage are reduced
* local governments gain stable, solvent taxpayers
* the real estate market revives
* HMO investors gain time to diversify holdings into energy independence
* HMO employees gain time to retrain for green jobs
* small businesses gain healthy, stable employees
* u new businesses form as Americans are liberated from job-based insurance
* the American economy rebounds


the uninsured will have more reassurance that costs of everyday emergencies will be paid without bankrupting their fragile household economies. They’ll pay the same membership, to be equally protected regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or preexisting conditions.

* parents will be reassured that such injuries to their uninsured children (including recent college grads) will not wipe out small savings.

* taxpayers will find relief from health care costs as low-income residents and public employees become owners of their own systems. At the same time, we seek to set examples for the federal government of efficient health coverage.

* hospitals and doctors (and creditors generally) will not need to write off so much bad debt. They’ll be paid promptly. Their skills will be respected.

* small business owners will be able to retain workers who’d otherwise leave for jobs offering better coverage. Their workers will be healthier and thus more reliable. Their Workers’ Comp rates will stabilize.

* the economy benefits, since employers will be able to afford to hire and insure additional employees. Since new job creation is a significant signal of economic vitality, the dollar’s value will increase.

* everyone will be better insulated from disease as more people have easier access to preventive care (through our free clinics), and as vulnerable members of society become more stable and less desperate. We’ll be free to choose healers, and to choose jobs based on enjoyment rather than insurance.

Ithaca Health Alliance