Health Alliances convene and sponsor a Public Health Committees to research public health problems and promote solutions. Health Alliance members realize that good health requires more than pills and surgery. We understand that our bodies are connected to larger social, economic and environmental conditions.

Health food is essential health fuel. The Health Alliance regards food as cleanest when it contains no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, "natural flavors," carcinogens, mutagens or refined sugars. Since meats concentrate toxins, we regard greater reliance on vegetarian diets as healthier. The Ithaca Health Alliance endorses local cultivation and sales. PhilaHealthia sponsors the Philly Orchard Project

Eighty percent of our bodies' daily intake, by weight, is air. Thus quality of air anchors health. The Health Alliance favors zoning that brings work, play, shopping and school close together so that walking, biking and transit can replace automobiles. We favor energy efficiency, to reduce air pollution.

Our bodies are 90% water, so we're as healthy as the water we drink. The Health Alliance thus favors water conservation, xeriscaping, light industry, reduced consumerism, sewerage reform, greater reliance on organic vegetarian diets, all of which reduce waste and contamination.

Peace is healthy; war is unhealthy. Peace depends on fair distribution of political power and wealth; population control; respect for cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. The Health Alliance will advocate against war and for peace.

All the health needs above are based on the vitality of the Earth. Destruction of the ozone layer, forests and species; coupled with climate change, are injuries no doctor can mend.